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The suggested daily reading on these pages represent the efforts of many Nar-Anon members who have shared their experience, strength and hope. The purpose of this writing is to carry the message of Nar-Anon recovery to those who suffer the effects of another's addiction. Sometimes the writing happened individually and other times in groups or at an area or regional writing workshop.The contributors are sharing straight from their hearts and in keeping with tradition, remain anonymous.

Nar-Anon SESH (Sharing Experience, Strength & Hope)
Nar-Anon members sharing their experience, strength and hope. This daily reader carries the message of Nar-Anon recovery for those who suffer from the effects of another’s addiction.

The 382 page book is available via our office. The price is available on request.
We encourage everyone who find value in these daily words of inspiration, to support our fellowship by purchasing the complete book. We will post to any address in South Africa. Simply SMS the word “SESH” inclusive your name and telephone number to - 081 354 1495.

Our Literature Department will process your request, make contact with the necessary payment details and arrange for delivery to an address of your choice.

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As a newcomer, it was suggested that I attend several different meetings because each meeting has it own atmosphere and reflects the personality of its members. When I was recently asked to start a new Nar-Anon meeting, I was not sure what I wanted to do or, to be more specific, what I could not do. Therefore, I asked one of the long-time members for instructions. It was suggested that I study the Twelve Traditions. I learned from Tradition Four that each group decides when, where, and how they will conduct their meetings. They also determine how they will open and close their meetings. Some groups open their meetings with the reading of the Serenity Prayer and close with Friendship – Nar-Anon Style. Others open with the preamble and several readings from the Nar-Anon Blue Booklet and close with the Serenity Prayer. Every group is free to choose its meeting structure and program topics, such as table meetings open to all to share or having a single speaker per meeting. Tradition Four gives Nar-Anon groups freedom regarding nearly all aspects of their structure. We are asked that the group ensures its decisions are made with the overall purpose of the Nar-Anon fellowship in mind. We should refrain from discussing non-Nar-Anon philosophies in our meetings, and try to limit group discussions to Nar-Anon principles.

Thought for Today: Nar-Anon has taught me that I have choices and I am free to practice my program as I choose. However, our Nar-Anon Family Groups should remain clear about their primary purpose and why they were formed.

“Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other Nar-Anon Family Groups, or N.A. as a whole.” ~ Nar-Anon Tradition Four

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The Nar-Anon Principles

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