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The suggested daily reading on these pages represent the efforts of many Nar-Anon members who have shared their experience, strength and hope. The purpose of this writing is to carry the message of Nar-Anon recovery to those who suffer the effects of another's addiction. Sometimes the writing happened individually and other times in groups or at an area or regional writing workshop.The contributors are sharing straight from their hearts and in keeping with tradition, remain anonymous.

Nar-Anon SESH (Sharing Experience, Strength & Hope)
Nar-Anon members sharing their experience, strength and hope. This daily reader carries the message of Nar-Anon recovery for those who suffer from the effects of another’s addiction.

This 382 page book is available via our office. Due to the fluctuating Rand/Dollar exchange rate, the price is available on request. We will post to any address in South Africa. Simply SMS the word “SESH” inclusive your name and telephone number to -
083 400 8961.

Our Literature Department will process your request, make contact with the necessary payment details and arrange for delivery to the address of your choice.

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Daily reading for March 19



At the age of fourteen, my daughter started using alcohol and within six months, I started attending a Twelve‑Step program. Six years later, she told me she was using several illegal drugs and I found the Nar-Anon fellowship. When I became addicted to prescribed anti-seizure medication, I sought help in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. I call myself a triple winner. One holiday weekend at an open NA meeting, I was listening to several addicts complaining about their drug-using, non-recovering relatives. They said their relatives did not want anything to do with them during the holidays, not even a shared family dinner. When it was my time to share, I shared what I had learned in Nar-Anon, that I have no control over other people, places, or things. I only have control over myself. Another addict with many years of recovery said, “And that is only with the help of your Higher Power.” I was shocked; no one ever cross-talked in this meeting, and someone was interrupting me! After the meeting, we talked about it; and he repeated what he had said. It took a few more years for me to understand the meaning of this addict’s statement. The first three steps tell me I am powerless and that I can be restored to sanity if I make a decision to turn my will and my life over to my Higher Power. In other words, I must trust in a Power greater than myself. Now I understand that by myself, I am this small source of power. When I turn my tiny power over to my Higher Power, I tune into a magnificent power. This infinite magnificent power is what gives me the strength to control myself. I cannot do it alone.

Thought for Today: With time comes wisdom and understanding. With time comes spirituality. With time comes peace in our hearts and in our homes.

“I want to feel my life while I'm in it.” ~ Meryl Streep


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